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Tips for flying without the stress

June 23, 2015


Hi! For our anniversary my husband and I are taking a really nice vacation. It involves airplanes, guidebooks, and passports! I'm thrilled but a little nervous. I just want to have fun and relax but I think getting there might be rough. I was hoping you'd have some smart ideas about navigating the airport.

Travel Tips Needed

Nurse Ann replies:

That sounds like quite a trip! To conserve your energy, consider taking advantage of a wheelchair or one of the “golf cart” shuttles provided by airlines. Make sure they'll be available at the proper time by reserving one in advance through your airline. They may also be requested at most airline ticket counters if you suddenly find you need one. And don't worry, it's a common request.

If you have a smartphone, special apps can provide details about the airports you'll be using. This can give you a sense of how far you'll be walking—and if you'll need extra help. Just search your favorite app store by airline or airport. Or you can find this information online.

At the airport, allow additional time! That will keep you from feeling stressed or having to rush. And it gives you an extra few minutes if you want to grab a bite or need one last bathroom trip. TSA can help if you need assistance during security screenings. They suggest calling their help line 72 hours before your flight. The number is 1‑855‑787‑2227.

Don't be shy about taking advantage of offers for extra time during boarding, so you don't feel rushed.

Happy anniversary!

— Nurse Ann, MS One to One® Nurse

PS Don't forget: Flying can be dehydrating, so be sure to drink enough fluids.

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