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Giving up your wheels doesn't mean giving up your independence

July 7, 2015


I have MS and I've had it for many years. Now, I realize driving with MS is no longer a good idea. I've had a heart-to-heart with my husband and I've discussed the idea with my doctor. We all agree. But I'm not thrilled about it.

I like my independence. I like being able to take care of things. And I even like my shiny red sedan. But I understand it's time to stop. So, how do I give up my keys but not my independence?

Not Ready to Give Up My Car Keys

Nurse Claire replies:

I'm a big advocate for people with MS retaining their independence, and there are solutions that can help.

Many cities and towns offer free or low-cost transportation services to those who are living with a chronic condition. A great place to start finding what's available in your area is the My MS Resource Locator on the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America website. After a quick registration, choose the blue “search” button on the left side of your screen and follow the prompts.

The MS Society also has a very good brochure about driving and MS. Starting on page 16, you'll find a list of helpful suggestions and resources for anyone who is no longer able to drive.

By the way, taking taxis or hiring someone to occasionally drive for you could be a solution too. And if you find you're no longer paying all the costs of owning your own car, you may even come out ahead financially in the long run.

— Nurse Claire, MS One to One® Nurse

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