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Being there for your kids, even when you can't be there in person

August 20, 2013


My daughter is really involved in sports. But with my unpredictable fatigue, I never know when I'll be up to going to her games. How can I be the mom I want to be for my daughter and not some absent parent?

Trying to Be a Good Parent

Nurse Susan replies:

You are not an absent parent. Remember that there's more to being a mom than just going to games. The most important thing about being a mom and being supportive is letting your daughter know that you are proud of her and her accomplishments.

In life, these things happen. You'll always want to go to your daughter's events, but there are some days that MS will limit the activities you want to do. When the day comes and you're having a bad day or you aren't feeling well, try to keep the lines of communication open so she still feels supported. Of course, if you notice your overall fatigue level has increased, you should talk to your doctor about it, as you would any other symptom.

Next time this happens, one example of something you may want to do is create a little post-game interview when your daughter gets home. Sit her down and say, “Tell me about your game. I want to hear all about it, so give me the highs and lows.” Help her relive the game with you, play-by-play, and be excited with her all over again. You could even ask your spouse, a relative or another parent on the team to record some highlights of the game that you can watch together later.

You can still feel part of her experience and she'll know that you really care and that you wanted to be there—you just couldn't make it that day. Because in the end, the effort you put into trying to be a part of her interests is more than likely what's going to mean the most to her.

— Nurse Susan, MS One to One® Nurse

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