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Finding the right support system may make all the difference

May 12, 2015


Hi, I was diagnosed with MS at the end of last year. And it kind of came out of the blue for me. No one in my family has it and I don't even know anyone else who does. I've done some research on the Internet, but lately I feel like it is time for me to start talking about it. I love the support I get from my doctors and the nurses, but maybe support from someone who is in the same boat could be helpful too? What do you think? And where would I go about finding MS support?

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Nurse Karen replies:

First I just want to say that I encourage you to keep talking about your MS. When you're dealing with a chronic condition like MS, having a strong support system is really helpful. And wanting to add peers to that network is a great instinct you're having. So, bravo!

The nurses here at MS One to One are available, so feel free to call us. But sometimes there is no substitute for talking to someone who's been through what you're going through. So try attending an MS event in your area. Other people with MS often have great information and lots of insight. They have experience and know the ropes. You may even find that a person who's been dealing with MS for a while can be a sort of mentor for you. Just remember, everyone's MS is unique, so don't make assumptions that you and your mentor's experiences will mirror each other.

If you’re thinking about joining a support group, it’s OK to be selective. Often groups have a certain “flavor” and you may want to check out a few before you settle on one. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society can help you get connected with a local chapter where you can find a group. They can even help find you one-on-one peer support. You may even find that someday you’ll want to mentor someone else. My last thought: No one can have too many friends, especially ones who can really relate to your situation!

— Nurse Karen, MS One to One® Nurse

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