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Staying comfortable during your MRIs

December 16, 2014


My neurologist says I need to have another MRI for MS. I understand they are part of my treatment plan—and that they are important. But I kind of hate them because I'm not a fan of closed spaces. I don't want to be a baby about it, but I'd rather not go. So, I thought I'd ask if you have any tips for making an MRI just a little more tolerable?

Hating My MRIs

Nurse Claire replies:

Let's be honest, MRIs are not at the top of most people's list of fun ways to spend an afternoon. But there are a few tips for making the experience a little more bearable.

Start with comfortable clothes that are free of metal, such as zippers or rivets, so you're comfortable during the scan. Many MRI suites pipe in music. It really does make the time pass more quickly. So call ahead and ask if you can bring a device loaded with your favorite songs.

Many patients have MRIs when their energy level is at its peak. But some patients actually schedule their MRI for when they think they'll be the most tired, so they can sleep through it.

If MRIs make you anxious, some people find it can be comforting to have the tech call out phases of the MRI, such as “We're halfway done” or “Only 10 minutes more.” If you find you're having a truly hard time being in the machine, your healthcare provider may be able to offer more suggestions of other types of help.

Don't forget, the benefits greatly outweigh any discomfort you might feel.

— Nurse Claire, MS One to One® Nurse

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