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Weighing your treatment options

September 1, 2015


I've had relapsing MS for 11 years now. And I've been on the same treatment for a long time. Everything seemed like it was going all right, but then I had a relapse last year and I feel like I have not gotten back to where I was.

How do I know if I should switch or stick with what I have? I'm having trouble weighing the benefits vs. the risks of making a change.

Torn About Switching Medications

Nurse Elaine replies:

First off, it's an interesting time in the world of MS research and treatment because there are many more therapies available for relapsing MS.

When considering a medication change, the very first step is to talk to your healthcare provider about your options. I would also encourage you to begin by reflecting on your own relapsing MS. Remember, the goal of any relapsing MS treatment is to reduce the number of relapses and slow disability progression. Think about how your current treatment is working and how it suits your lifestyle. They're both very important and should be part of this discussion with your healthcare provider. If you do decide to switch, he or she will know about all the treatment choices available and may even know about options that you haven't heard of.

When you have a conversation with your healthcare provider, consider writing things down so you can ask concrete questions. It's so easy to get flustered when talking to medical professionals and you'll want to get all your questions answered.

Don't forget, your healthcare provider is the best person to help you weigh the benefits and risks of switching treatments.

— Nurse Elaine, MS One to One® Nurse

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