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Traveling with your relapsing MS medication

November 25, 2014


I'm going to be doing some air travel in a few months. I'm excited but a little apprehensive too. Do you have any tips for traveling with my relapsing MS medication?

Nervous to Travel with Medication

Nurse Claire replies:

I do have a few tips. The most important one is to keep your relapsing MS medication in your carry-on bag. You don't want it getting lost. Even if it doesn't require refrigeration, avoid exposing it to the extreme cold of a plane's cargo hold. The same goes for keeping it in the trunk or a locked car where it could get too hot—or too cold.

Some relapsing MS medications don't need to be taken at the same time each day, while others require you to stick to a strict schedule. Since travel brings changes to your normal routine, you might try setting medication reminders on your phone to help you really stay on track. Remember to consider time zones when you are on a trip. If you're going on a long flight, you might want to talk to your healthcare provider about how to modify your schedule in different time zones so you stay on track with all your medication.

Safe travels—and send us a postcard!

— Nurse Claire, MS One to One® Nurse

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