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Another highly rated app that makes it simple to organize information, monitor health, and coordinate with healthcare providers, CareZone has features like a journal, a calendar, and contacts to help make it easier to take care of yourself, and your family.

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App Reviews from People Who Know Relapsing MS

Randy, MS One to One Nurse Manager

I love CareZone. I'm telling you, I think most everyone will find it helpful.

I love—and I think people living with relapsing MS will love—being able to set medication reminders. A certain percentage of the population with relapsing MS has some kind of cognitive issue, specifically memory issues. As an MS One to One Nurse Manager, I'm often trying to figure out how I can help people remember to take their pills, how I can help them remember to get refills; all of that. So this app seems to combine a lot of those abilities in one nice little place.

I put my own medication in there and I was really amazed how it was able to verify how many refills I had left and when was the last time I actually got it refilled. That's awesome for me. And I am going to share it with my friends.

I find this app very helpful for myself, and I will definitely recommend it to MS patients. I love CareZone. I'm telling you, I think most everyone will find it helpful.

Liz, Living with Relapsing MS

No matter where I am, if someone needs to know what medication I take, they have access to it.

I liked that I could share it with care partners. So no matter where I am, if someone needs to know what medication I take, they have access to it. My husband loves the concept because he often says, "What happens when you are really sick and I don't know what medication you take, and when…?" So I put him, my daughter, and my cousin on it. In the app's To-Do list, you can actually assign tasks to one of the people you have shared it with. So, for example, if you want someone to be your "backup" to make sure that you go to the doctor when you are supposed to, you can assign that.

I also like that you can take pictures of your prescriptions as a way to enter them. It tells you to turn the bottle to see the label so it knows what pharmacy I use, what the medicine is—and you can go in and add any information if you want to. The app doesn't let you download directly from your drugstore, which would be nice. But it was really fairly quick to do it. And then it reminds you what time to take everything and it will ask you, "Did you take your medication today?"

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