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This app is designed specifically for people living with MS, helping them track symptoms, medications, and side effects. It also helps them connect with their healthcare providers, as well as get and store educational information about MS.

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App Reviews from People Who Know Relapsing MS

Odessa, MS One to One Nurse Manager

I really like that this app has a way for patients to keep track of their daily activities… and any cognitive concerns that they may be experiencing.

I like that the app has a place for medical history, allergies, and the patient's medication. How many times are patients asked that? With this app, it's in one place and patients don't have to think about it, they can just pull it up.

I also really like that this app has a way for patients to keep track of their daily activities, what's happening with them, and any cognitive concerns that they may be experiencing. This is a great tracking tool.

And even though the patient may take ownership of this app, the care partner can get involved too. If the patient comes to an appointment with the care partner, then the care partner can update the information. Because, how many times have we gone to the doctor and said, "You know, I forgot what the doctor said. I forgot what I'm supposed to do." Or, "What did they say that new prescription is that I'm supposed to pick up at the pharmacy?" So now all of that information can be put directly in the app. Or if there is something special that the doctor's office wants the patient to do, then they can make note of it in the app too.

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