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Nurse Kim

I’ve been a nurse for 21 years. These days my work is almost exclusively with people who have relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS). One thing I learned early on is that everyone’s MS is different, and so are their experiences and goals. Consequently, everyone needs a personally tailored treatment plan to tackle the challenges of relapsing MS.

There are so many more treatment options for relapsing MS than there used to be, and that’s what inspired me to become an MS One to One Nurse 3 years ago. I’m glad there are more ways to help meet the needs of my MS patients. I believe that good nursing is all about asking the right questions, listening, and then providing what’s needed.

In my free time, I volunteer with the Red Cross. I’m fixing up a vintage car, and I enjoy hiking. I’m looking forward to being one of the Nurses on the MS One to One blog. It’s another way to connect with even more people living with MS.

/Areas/blog/Content/images/profile/kim.png Posts Kim has authored
Talk with your doctor about the differences between relapsing MS symptoms and signs of aging.
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Taking steps to decrease relapsing MS disease activity and stay healthy.
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  • What steps have you taken to minimize disease activity and stay healthy?
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Relapsing MS Blog: Preparing for an MRI
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  • What steps do you take to prepare for an MRI?
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Relapsing MS Blog: The Importance of Weighing Treatment Benefits and Risks
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  • Why is it important to discuss the benefits and risks of your treatment options with your healthcare provider?
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