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My name is Pam. I’ve been married for 27 years, and I’m the lucky mother of 2 boys and a girl. They’re all in college now, so I’m finding myself in a new phase of life with a little more free time. From crafting and baking, to biking, swimming, and playing with our 2 dogs, I like to keep myself busy.

I hope to encourage people living with relapsing MS. No one is alone on this journey."

Pam Living with Relapsing MS since 2000

I’ve learned so much about living with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) over the years. The more you know about the disease and how to manage it, the less scary it is. When I was first diagnosed, I had trouble finding information about living with multiple sclerosis (MS) that was positive. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned by writing in the Live & Learn MS blog. I want to make sure people know that it’s possible to live a happy, active, amazing life in spite of MS.

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Take some time to consider your relapsing MS goals for the coming year.
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • How are your New Year's resolutions going, particularly when it comes to MS care? Is it time for a checkup?
Pamsays Conniesays
MS One to One Blog: Finding New Passions After an MS Diagnosis
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • After being diagnosed with relapsing MS, did you find any new passions or hobbies?
Stewartsays Pamsays
Relapsing MS Blog: The Importance of Weighing Treatment Benefits and Risks
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  • Why is it important to discuss the benefits and risks of your treatment options with your healthcare provider?
Pamsays Conniesays
Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Blog: The Importance Of Asking For Help When You Need It And Taking It When It's Offered
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • Do you have trouble asking for help when you need it?
Stewartsays Pamsays
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