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Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Blog – Finding the Right RMS Treatment for You
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • How do you find the right relapsing MS treatment for you?
Pamsays Stewartsays
Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Blog – Being Comfortable With Change
  • Kimberly Nurse Kimberly Asks

  • What kind of obstacles did you face when it came to changing treatments?
Pamsays Conniesays
Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Blog – Educating and Advocating for Yourself
  • Kim Nurse Kim Asks

  • What does it mean to you to be your own best advocate? Why is it so important to educate yourself?
Stewartsays Pamsays
Knowing when you’re not on the right relapsing multiple sclerosis treatment.
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • "Did you ever get the feeling that your relapsing MS treatment wasn't working? What did you do? What tips would you...?
Stewartsays Pamsays
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