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Talk with your doctor about the differences between relapsing MS symptoms and signs of aging.
  • Kim Nurse Kim Asks

  • Have you ever thought a relapsing MS symptom was just part of aging? Have you attributed signs of aging to relapsing MS?
Conniesays Pamsays
Taking steps to decrease relapsing MS disease activity and stay healthy.
  • Kim Nurse Kim Asks

  • What steps have you taken to minimize disease activity and stay healthy?
Stewartsays Conniesays
MS One to One Blog: The Role of Lesions in Disability Progression
  • Kimberly Nurse Kimberly Asks

  • What experience have you had with lesions and disease activity?
Pamsays Conniesays
Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Blog – Finding the Right RMS Treatment for You
  • Catherine Nurse Catherine Asks

  • How do you find the right relapsing MS treatment for you?
Pamsays Stewartsays
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