For U.S. Residents Only

MS One to One brings its focused approach into the offices of healthcare professionals—delivering support and logistical solutions through designated MS One to One Site Coordinators.

Your MS One to One Site Coordinator will address your office's access and support needs for Sanofi Genzyme relapsing MS therapies, including:

  • Administrative assistance tailored to specific Sanofi Genzyme relapsing MS treatments
  • Insurance investigation and verification
  • Claims management and appeals assistance
  • Prior authorization assistance

Password-protected access to

This dedicated HCP portal allows healthcare professionals and their office staff to:

  • Track benefit verification
  • Download Sanofi Genzyme relapsing MS therapy forms
  • Upload information for patients currently beginning a Sanofi Genzyme relapsing MS therapy
  • Save patient history
  • Communicate securely with MS One to One personnel

Additional support for your patients

When you recommend MS One to One to patients—whether they're on a Sanofi Genzyme relapsing MS therapy or not—you can be confident they'll get comprehensive, personal support, 24/7.

Helping patients organize their interactions

The MS One to One on-call Nurses can help patients and their care partners organize and prioritize their questions before they bring them to their healthcare professionals and their office staff. As our Nurses provide support and practical solutions, they also encourage patients to contact their healthcare professionals for medical care and advice.

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