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Four people living with MS. Four inspirational stories to tell.

Karen: You Can't Let Relapsing MS Push You Around

Whether she's cooking, listening to live jazz or spending time with her sons, Karen tries hard not to let MS control her life. Instead she's focused on enjoying herself and not letting MS be in charge.

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You can't let relapsing MS push you around because, if you're not pushing back, you're being pushed by it.

When I was first diagnosed, I was afraid of the future, because I didn't know what was going to happen. So now that I am 20 years in, dealing with relapsing MS, it's a challenge. But I think that the challenge—more so than anything else—is to enjoy yourself, to have a good life.

I love to cook. I like live jazz music. So I like to be with my friends and go to concerts, go to restaurants. I like spending time with my nephews and time at my church. Those types of things make me really happy, so I try to make sure that I am as happy as I can possibly be. So it makes having MS not something that controls your life. Not something that's going to be the forefront of everything that you do. But it's going to be something that you manage, and then it's going to be OK.

My sons tell me, "Oh Mom, you're always so positive," and I'm like "Well, it makes a big difference." I'm going to enjoy my life, but I can't enjoy it if I allow the relapsing MS to be in charge.