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Four people living with MS. Four inspirational stories to tell.

Mary Beth: Let's Make a Plan

When it comes to MS, Mary Beth's motto is to plan ahead and never stop exploring new opportunities. Whether she's planning a trip or keeping her cognitive skills fresh by learning Italian, Mary Beth shows us she's moving forward with purpose.

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Let's make a plan, I have to have a plan. That's just the kind of person that I am. You have to plan ahead and to not settle. There's so much in life that you can enjoy.

When I was first diagnosed with relapsing MS, the first thing in my mind was "OK, what's next, what do we do?" So I'm planning ahead to be healthy and to be able to be active to do the things that I've been thinking of doing for years.

I want to travel. I'm learning Italian and I'm actually pretty good at it. My husband says I'm doing great. He speaks fluent Italian, so he must know. It's very important to keep my cognitive skills fresh. One of the things I have struggled with in my relapsing MS is my cognitive thinking – trying to get words out – and learning a language was one of my ways to keep my mind fresh.

My husband's family is from Italy. I've only been there once and just loved every minute of it, so I'd love to live in Italy for a while.

Yeah, I have a lot of plans. There's so much to enjoy in life. You have to move forward.