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About MS One to One®

Welcome to Personal Support That's Truly Personal

At MS One to One, we know that each patient's experience with MS is unique. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with personal attention through one-on-one conversations with an MS One to One Nurse.

Meet the Nurses

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MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: MS One to One is an individualized patient support program.

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: It's gonna offer the support, and most of all that one-to-one feeling that there's somebody there that cares for you and is gonna be there for you.

MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: You have your own designated nurse that when you call in you can get the same nurse so that you don't have to start all over with your story, or with your concerns, that nurse is going to know who you are and where you're at and what your needs are.

SUSAN NORWICH: I let them know that if they have a question that we're there for them so that they don't have to ever be alone.

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: When a patient calls me for the first time, I expect them to be a little anxious...

SUSAN NORWICH: Just take a big, deep breath and just let me walk with you, and you ask questions and I'll explain as best as I can.

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: Call me and we'll talk about it, and I'll help you through it.

SUSAN NORWICH: They talk to us a lot about things they can't talk to their family about. It, it's a big shift for the family, it really is.

MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: A lot of the symptoms are not visible and so you can look fine on the outside but inside you might be so tired.

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: We know that their symptoms are real, and we're gonna be there for ‘em, and MS One to One is gonna help them with the journey of the good days and the bad days.

MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: I love the benefit verification specialists because they do what none of us usually enjoy doing and that is being on the phone for hours with insurance companies and providers.

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: We find out what we can do for the patient and how to best make that happen. When you can go home at night and know that you've facilitated those type of things for a patient and you've made a difference in their life, you know why you became a nurse.

SUSAN NORWICH: I care about these people immensely. They become part of your life. I always tell them, you are not the disease. You're still who you were before.

MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: To help the patients feel empowered and to be their own advocate — and then also how to live with wellness, even though you have MS. I can do that.

SUSAN NORWICH: My name is Susan Norwich...

MICHELLE JUNGBAUER: ...Michelle Jungbauer...

RAYNETTE BIGHAM: ...I'm Raynette Bigham, and I'm an MS One to One Nurse.

Each member of our dedicated team is MS-experienced and ready to help you navigate the often overwhelming world of MS, including:

  • Customized support each time you call—no starting over with your story
  • Tailored tips and information for living with MS
  • Answers to care partner questions
  • What to expect from your Genzyme treatment
  • Benefits verification and prescription setup for eligible Genzyme treatments
  • Financial assistance for qualified Genzyme patients

It's a conversation that doesn't stop with your first call—you'll get your nurse's direct extension, so you can always reach out.

And, to ensure you're never alone, an MS One to One Nurse is always available to talk, 24/7.*

*As a member of MS One to One, you will have access to an on-duty nurse 24/7. Your designated MS One to One nurse is available during regular MS One to One call center hours (Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 8:00 pm EST).

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As a member of MS One to One®, you will have access to an on-duty nurse 24/7. Your designated MS One to One® Nurse is available during regular MS One to One® call center hours (Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 8:00 pm EST).

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