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Tips for your next conversation

Talking about treatment can be tricky—no matter how long you’ve been diagnosed. Here are some tips to support effective discussions with your doctor:

Here are a few more places to start your search:

  • Try doing some research
    Read up about MS and the treatment options available before your first doctor appointment. This way, you’ll have a general understanding about your condition and will be able to follow the conversation more closely.
  • Think about your treatment goals and priorities
    Here’s something to ponder before you head into your first appointment—what do you want your treatment to do for you? It might also help to think about your priorities in life—maybe it’s your family, hobbies, or work.
  • Define a successful appointment outcome
    Write out one question you want answered during your appointment. This can help focus the conversation on an important topic. However, don’t feel like this should restrict your discussion.
  • Let the conversation flow
    It’s important to be open and honest with your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t initiate tough conversations, you should, because your doctor can’t help you with what he or she doesn't know.
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From the Nurses' Station

Your healthcare provider knows the treatment landscape best, so he or she can share clinical results and safety information—and you know yourself best, so you can share information about your lifestyle, goals, and treatment preferences. By sharing this knowledge with each other, you and your healthcare provider can work towards achieving your best health.

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Navigating your
healthcare coverage

The nuts and bolts of insurance, especially in the face of RMS treatment, can be a little confusing. Read ahead for some clarifying information.

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Exploring treatments?

Consider how an RMS treatment could fit into your lifestyle.

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