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The Basics of Health Insurance

There are many types of health plans available, but it’s not always clear how they work. This guide covers the most common types of health plans, what they may offer, and a breakdown of the potential costs. Learn which factors to consider when choosing a plan that’s right for you.

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Access to RMS Treatments

Medication coverage can vary from plan to plan. In this guide, you will learn how health plans may approach coverage of RMS treatments. This includes why health plans deal with some treatments differently than others, potential challenges you may face getting access, and steps you and your healthcare provider can take if a treatment is not covered.

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Making RMS Treatment More Affordable

Many people living with RMS worry about healthcare costs. This guide walks you through some programs that may help with the cost of treatment. This includes copay programs, patient assistance programs, nonprofit foundations, and government assistance.

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Support Services for RMS Patients

Living with RMS may require partnering with an extended care team. This guide outlines resources, education, and support that may be available to you through patient support programs, specialty pharmacies, and nonprofit groups.

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RMS terms and definitions

Need a refresh on RMS terms and what they mean? Take a look at our RMS glossary for more information.

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Exploring treatments?

Consider how an RMS treatment could fit into your lifestyle.

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